The Flex Arms is a big hit in the Flex Range. It was designed for both men and women to easily and conveniently tone, firm and strengthen the biceps and tricep muscles on both arms simultaneously.  

The Flex Arms® tones and strengthens the same muscles that are worked when you target your biceps and triceps lifting weights or doing other exercises like the elliptical machine, dips, pilates or yoga. It does all the work and you and you don't need think about your form or set aside the time. It focuses on providing you with stronger, more toned and firm biceps and triceps.

You can use the same Flex Rechargeable Power Supply Unit that comes with your Flex Mini for the Flex after you give your butt and backs of thighs a good workout, you can put on the Flex Arms and tone up those arms. You just unplug the power supply unit from your Flex Belt and plug it into the Flex Arms.

The best part is that you can use it whenever you want to.  You can be working your arms while you are: on the phone, doing some work, making dinner, watching TV, doing house choirs, taking a walk, surfing the net or even while spending time with the family...virtually anywhere and anytime.  With the Flex Range, there is no reason not get a good workout in.

Just like all the Flex Range of products, the Flex Arms has been FDA cleared for toning, tightening and strengthening.  It has also been clinically demonstrated to produce results in as little as four-eight weeks. In fact, the results of The Flex Arms clinical study were outstanding and 100% of the participants reported it worked in some way. You can rest assured it will work for you as well...
Remember that you will save a lot of money by adding the Flex Arms to your Flex Mini order today.  If you were to purchase The Flex Arms by itself with its own Power Controller, it would cost $199.  HOWEVER – when you add the Flex Arms onto your Flex Mini order, you don’t need to purchase another Power Controller and therefore it is only $129.  As you can see, the Flex Range was carefully engineered to work synergistically together so that it can be affordable to our valued customers.